Filming the movie

Updates - January 2018

Well, Happy New Year, a new year indeed. We began it, as usual, with a frigid dip in the Atlantic out at coney island.

As the end of the month approaches, so does Sundance, where our 2nd Feature film DADDY LONGLEGS has it's american Premiere in the Spotlight section. If you've got cable, It will also be available via VOD for 30 days with Sundance Selects, so get your finger tips ready for pressin'. Rid them blisters now!
If you're in NYC on January 28th, it will have it's NY Premiere at BAM at 7pm. The film has also been acquired for N. America by IFC FILMS and expect a cross the nation theatrical distribution in the coming months, probably February or March. Dates to be announced soon.

As usual, there are some things we've propelled into the web air: AROUND THE WORLD (episode one: Free styling) is ready for viewing in the films section, there are 3 new buttons and a new VHS tape of surprising emotional cartoon moments from our childhood strung together in EVERYTHING MELTS, buy it if you've got a VHS player or if you like to hold things.

We've spent the past months continuing with efforts to finish up ideas and projects:
- Short films (one we intend to shoot in february called John's Gone),
- Buttons Volume 2 (which had a quiet premiere with the Disposable Film Festival here in NYC, but will be revamped and available soon),
- MY BLOCK NYC, the living and breathing livable map of NYC via the streets and the people that inhabit them.

If you've got any cash left after following our every word, save it, and wig yourself out by buying the Pleasure of Being Robbed DVD, available on February 9th everywhere! It has many things conjured up inside it's shaky box: A musical commentary track, short films, short short films from "set" and of course a limited edition poster-fold-out detailing 'Conan the thief' who pops up in our mind every time we leave our car unlocked!

Also, if you're on canal street, say farewell to the beautiful grime and convenience that they're trying to "all of a sudden" clean up, as they sweep the counterfeiters off the streets they own.


Vancouver short movie festival