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Updates - April 2017

Maintenance must come from the french word for NOW! We've been wildly busy, taking smoking breaks from projects with other projects. Multitasking, it's the new millennium... So as we try to do quarterly, WE UPDATE:

LENNY COOKE, the documentary Josh and Benny have been directing for Shopkorn Productions for the past 3 years premiered on April 18th at the Tribeca Film Festival to great reviews and responses! There are two screenings left Here's a link to all screenings, they may note "Sold Out," but we're weary too, don't worry, keep trying back maybe some will pop up. Click Here. It's a strange tragic film about Lenny Cooke the #1 ranked high school basketball player in 2001, who was ranked above then Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, he never played a minute in the NBA. It's about the gold at the front of the rainbow. 

The Museum's Second Season is now open to the public. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am till 7pm. Check MMUSEUMM on Twitter and Instagram for hours and objects and the MMUSEUMM website for information, hours and location. We now have a gift shop, a cafe, climate control and 14 new show

Sammy has gone bat-shit-AWOL, leaving behind two new films in theaters he's production designed- Adam Leon's 'Gimme the Loot' and Noah Baumbach's 'Frances Ha'.

Despite doctor's orders Brett hasn't taken the camera off his shoulder, shooting three new films playing in festivals this spring: Lily (Tribeca Film Festival), Towheads (New Directors, New Films) & Swim Little Fish Swim (SXSW).

The Black Balloon is now available on Seed & Spark. Stream it now. Also, if you'd like to view John's Gone, We're Going To The Zoo, The Back of Her Head and other films are available to stream on Fandor and Mubi.

Uncut Gems is gearing up for a very busy summer of production. Here's an encrusted rolls royce just to whet your appetite, think more about the character who shot and created this than the object itself.

As usual, we don't show up to dinner without at least offering a main course..
We're offering TWO NEW FILMS: Solid Gold & Lose Her Island, 3 New Buttons, A new Newsfeed (To your left), Also please check out the short film we did for Cynthia Rowley's new candy store Curious Candy, and the short film we made for the Turtle Conservancy, "The Trophy Hunter".

Remember, we are made of star stuff, look no further than the inches around your body for the soul that is capable of interesting anyone. Never be bored, and you'll see the benefits of being up!

Love, Red Bucket Films


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