Filming the movie

Updates - September 2016


Memorial day, Independence day and Labor day rolled by and through and we're constantly reminded of how to do things the only way possible, you're own way, doing the work. If you want it done correctly, unfortunately, you'll have to do it yourself.

So, we update:

The Museum is now open and accessible via 3 viewing windows and an 800 number, 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. On weekends we open the physical space to the public and we announce spontaneous hours via our twitter and instagram feed mmuseumm - the smallest museum in the world. Be sure to follow both. The instagram acts as a museum away from the museum.

Former Mayor Rudy Guliani blessed the space by welcoming the space to the great city of NY by attending and cutting the ribbon ceremony. His assistant was a total cunt, but we were able to work something out and to our knowledge the mayor was pleasantly surprised by the the institution. There is proof this, we swear (that there is proof of this).

In other news, Lenny Cooke, the Lebron James before Lebron James, has been cooking our minds and a movie will be born soon enough... 12 years in the making.
Our lovable Howard Ratner in his 8th floor gem & jewelry distribution office is just a gorgeous meticulous mess of an order... Uncut Gems.

As we type, MyBlock is right now repping USA & NYC in the US Pavillion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. If there vist the city streets from the canals.

Also At Museum, in Cortlandt Alley Artist Van Neistat will personally engrave a Victorinox Swiss Champ
and fill with 18 K goldleaf ink, your giftee's name and GOLDEN WORD based on a conversation with you. Tickets are for sale and proceeds will benefit Museum.

Our friends Sophie and Lisa at Vena Cava caught us at the right time, which is never, and always say never to never, so we took a mind vacation and made a Manson-Solor Lodge-Process-Fountain old LA inspired short film about a cult run by Willie Gillis (Van Neistat) called HEARTLAND. As part of our agreement with Vena Cava we edited a trailer for them. It is in the films section. Look out for the Heartland girls, they'll take your breath away.

As usual, a new newsfeed video we made with Rambo, in the midst of a Heat Wave, in broad daylight he reminded us to keep our hearts calm.
Also, a new film about the Museum opening, new trailer to Heartland, new buttons and a new poster for sale.



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