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Updates - March 2016

Planet Bucket!

Heinz makes some mean tomato paste called Ketchup, but ours is better: CatchUp™ Here's our CatchUP™

As always, we've got stuff to prove for our absence. A new film by Josh, an abstract animation/hypnosis THE SS MEDITATION, new buttons, the newsfeed to your left and a new item to our store section.

Walking around the city and traveling this country, hustling on every project, we can't help but feel like the piece of iron also known as Rocky Balboa. Sly Stallone is a hero. Theodore Roosevelt is a Hero. IceBerg is a hero. Jeremy Lin is a Hero. Al Goldstein is a Hero. Abel Ferrara is a Hero. God is a hero. Glenn O'Brien defines a hero as a successful maniac. How do we maintain our integrity, stick to our mania and continue to make work that is wholly our own? These are the internal and eternal questions of the hour.

As we embark on new projects, watch them leave the fetus stage, past abortion periods, we stick to our steaming guns.

1- Our MUSEUM is springin' & ready for this onslaught of good weather. Look for a grand opening at the end of April an 80 Square Foot Museum on Cortladnt Alley.

2- We're Moving forward on a documentary about Lenny Cooke. It was profiled in the sports section of the NY TIMES a couple of weeks ago. A major feat for any American, but most of all for dedicated Knicks fans. Check out the clips they hosted on the Times Site HERE.

3- Uncut Gems, the world that never stops, till it does, is moving. We're hoping to rig NBA games and create pile ups on 6th Avenue with Howard Ratner & Co. this August and September. A huge film that will be a huge feat for us. No matter what.

As we move along with these projects we've been cooking some side pots:

Black Balloon took home the US SHORT FICTION Prize at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. We have yet to receive the crystal engraved award.

At SXSW 2012, the Black Balloon took home the Wolphin Award (every short at SXSW eligible): A grand prize in our minds. With Cinema Conservancy, we're going to be touring the short along with The Red Balloon, The Balloonatic and a great haunting cartoon called The Pin Cushion man in what will be a high flying program. Look out for the program and the film in your town soon (festivals and theaters).

We've just wrapped a small short film about a street hustling gold painted man called SOLID GOLD. Sure to be an addition to what Michael Tully calls our, "Jackass Narrative Cinema."

We built a new piece of furniture for one of most luxurious new possessions a handed me down (thanks to SuperMarché) top of the line (circa 1998) barely run 60" plasma television. Brett did a wonderful job designing this custom piece. Picture: HERE (the picture doesn't do justice to the geometry involving 20˙ angles).

In honor of yet another RAMONES autobiography coming out this week, Johnny Ramone's COMMANDO, the newsfeed to your left was made in its honor as it Joins Lobotomy and I slept with Joey Ramone. Marky, please never join this party.

ENJOY it for NOW.
Love, Justin Guy at Red Bucket Films

& Remember: REVENGE against the nay sayers, inspiration is everywhere.
PS: we've started an .onion site. If you know what that means, you're in the know. GO NY, GO NY, GO!


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