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Updates - June 2015

Alright, We've come to grips with the fact that we don't update often. Once a month at best!
Here's our Menstrual Cycle, our Heavy Flow:

We update with good and new news. We've even got a new film for ya. In the "films" section nonetheless.
It's called "STRAIGHT HUSTLE." It was made for and with the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. Enjoy it. It's a slap in our own faces; we filmed it blocks from where we imagine much of Streetwise was filmed.

In upcoming news, John's Gone, our short film that Premiered at Venice and then at SXSW has finally arrived in NYC, where it/he was born.
COME OUT CREEPO'S: We're gonna keep this film a secret, so come be the ears that get whispered into on these nights:

FRIDAY JUN 17, 2011
350 Grand Street (between Ludlow & Essex)

-The Museum of Everyday in Cortlandt Alley, Manhattan will open at the end of June, construction begins this week. Stay tuned for opening dates.

-We're working on a documentary, currently titled "Still Got It" with Adam Shopkorn about Lenny Cooke, A NY basketball Legend. It's a project that's been 10 years in the making.

-Behind that closed door rests and builds MyblockNYC, I know, I know, we say that often. But it launches this summer! It also was selected to be part of the TALK TO ME Show at MoMA opening to the public on July 19th. Be sure to book your bus tickets to NYC and see this show. For more info about uploading, getting involved or exploring, visit www.MyblockNYC.com

-BUTTONS Volume I & II will be released! We'll be working and collaborating with the progressive Factory 25 and their behind doors plans for the future. Stay Tuned for M&Ms in your hand.

-Benny finally got his act together and built a site for his photographs, “For all the Squares”: Enjoy these squares from reality.

In older, but never stale news. Daddy Longlegs took home the John Cassavetes award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Ronnie lost, but won in our minds. The film will be out In October via Zeitgeist & their Kimstim label (a label notably known for bringing Svankmajer, Panahi, Resnais, Ackermain, Ruiz and Makmalbaf) Sammy Harkham (the cartoonist of Family L.A. and Kramer's Ergot) will be designing the deluxe DVD.

As usual, here are 3 new Buttons, The new film, a new Poster in the sale section, and an unexpected new RALPH HANDEL performance that reached new lows and highs.