Filming the movie

Updates - February 2015

JEEZ, Call the bullies. Get them pounding their fists. It's been too long, and this update has been long overdue.

We're not doing nothing. That's what we always told our mothers when we were behind closed doors.

We've been stewing up that age old, but very new website MYBLOCKNYC, which should be ready very soon. A number of people have given themselves up, with no sense of light at the end of the tunnel, but alas sweat pays and this summer something new should be born.

We are also shooting short films and traveling with our latest film: DADDY LONGLEGS. It premieres in France under the title: LENNY AND THE KIDS (it's beautiful that it has so many different names... titling kills uniqueness: We hear the title in IRAN is untranslatable: Beautiful)

Our US premiere is on the 14th of MAY here in NYC at the IFC CENTER!

We're getting ready to hit the streets and send this film off to some 20 theaters throughout the USA. Start telling your friends and strangers that they'll be sorry if they miss this family portrait of guttural confusing emotions. An independent film about these unique things we call emotions. We need to fill those theaters, and it's not like it's a piece of shit. We want the world to see Daddy Longlegs/Go Get Some Rosemary/Lenny and the Kids/ and ????

We have finished Buttons Volume 2, which just played at the Disposable Film Festival in March out in SF. You can, as usual watch 3 new buttons on the buttons page, and watch a preview to BUTTONS vol 2.
You can now also enjoy a new short film: QVC RBF: episode 1 (with guest seller, Lestor, played by real life child-Molester) and a TALK SHOW DVD to come very soon with too many extras to type out.

There are also drawings that are turning into realities for keyboards, small spaces in buildings to put things that we collect in, and perhaps, if we can, a fatter version of Canal Street.

We're off to Buenos Aires, France, Lisbon and Krakow to show the film. But don't think we're idle. Lots of writing and editing happening as we put the finishing touches on our latest shorter film (who likes the term short film anyways?!) it's called JOHN'S GONE.

"The thing about Tommy... is that he's the kind of guy... who can go out to the supermarket... and buy himself some hamburger meat and some poetatahs and cook himself a real meal... I hated him for it then, but at 21 years old, that's pretty fuckin' cool!" - Dee Dee Ramone


Vancouver short movie festival