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Updates - December 2015

Dirty diapers don't taste as good as you'd think, but that ain't news to anyone, this is:

I. DADDY LONGLEGS finally comes to DVD via Zeitgeist Films, Kimstim and IFC FILMS Dec 13th, Today! This DVD is, as some slang says: is Disgusting! Sammy Harkham, of Cartooning/Family Books fame, designed this DVD and did THIS BEAUTIFUL COVER complete with great Tim Hensley Lettering. Here's a link to buy your copy. Just consider this, It weighs a lot. There's stuff in it, on the disk and in the package. Bucky Fuller used to ask fellow architects, "How much does your Building weigh?"

II. THE BLACK BALLOON a short film created by Andy Spade and Written and Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It's about 21 minutes. This film surprised us, came up like the Balloon itself, out of thin air (helium). Here's our synopsis, don't read into the Sundance press release:
"While trying to move forty kids six blocks in New York City alone, a stressed man accidentally loses a bouquet of a hundred balloons. In that bouquet, a lone black balloon scurries free with the rest of them. It dies and comes back to life, returning to the city cruising for a companion. On the beat, it learns that humans are complicated creatures with extreme highs and lows, but full of life nonetheless. An intended for Children's film turned Sci-Fi urban fable, this is a story about The Black Balloon."
Here's a Trailer!

III. If you're in NYC this week, Come to our DVD release party on Thursday, December 15th at the Gallery Bar on Orchard St. Sean Price Williams (actor in DLL and DP of Black Balloon) and Jake Braff(actor in DLL and artist in booklet) will be playing things none of us have heard before. 120 Orchard St between Delancey and Rivington, starting at 8pm. We'll screen Second Stop From Jupiter the making of Documentary.

IV. Ever heard of Fandor? Well, you should know about them. They screen movies for free on their Fandor channel and have a new alternative streaming service. JOHN'S GONE will be streaming there till the end of January, go see it. We think if you sign up, you get a free week of membership. Do that.

V. That Museum we talk about, every update. It's now called MUSEUM and it's ready for a soft opening, January 2012. Cortlandt Alley. See the preview here

We're looking for interns, interns who can shoot a gun (if they had to). For the Museum and other fun projects. Email us: Let us know.

As usual, there are new things. A new film (A trailer at least), new buttons, the newsfeed to your left and this text and confidence that this is a site that is updated occasionally.

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