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Updates - August 2015

Short and sweet, is what we used to call tootsie rolls back in the day. Let's apply that here. What we got?

1. Factory 25 will present the first ever theatrical release of BUTTONS: VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2! For one week the film will play, with a 10 minute intermission between volumes, at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. Come out, if not for the films for the theaters duck fat popcorn. It all starts this friday (September 2nd) in Dumbo, NYC. Reviews should flow in, so check your papers, though it's not a movie for film reviews!

2. The Guggenheim BMW downtown on Houston Street will showcase our "city" films on Friday, September 2nd as well. Go! & Brag that you actually so some strange lapse in curatorial judgement from the Guggenheim and watch Red Bucket Films.

7. Austin, Texas at the Alamo Draft House and Austin Film Society was great and extremely hot, too hot, an oven. With record breaking heat, a shorts program, rarities and Daddy Longlegs on 35mm, I'm surprised all of Austin isn't as sick as we are at the moment. It went well.

8. The Kösem Collection, our museum in the alley is growing! Named in honor of Sultan Kösem, the tallest man in the world, the space is tiny, but proportionately built. It's going to be beautiful and if "it's" true, we will have on display a very very very important piece of NYC history. We're hoping to be open by October, complete with an extravaganza of an opening: subway performers, free hot dogs and the museum itself! Look out!

9. MyBlockNyc, our brothers from another has turned into one of those dinosaurs you put water on and it grows uncontrollably: It's getting huge! Go, explore, upload. Here's a favorite from last week from user: Eleonore. As we announced last time, go check out the MY BLOCK NYC Kiosk at the Talk To Me Show at the Museum Of Modern Art.

10. Uncut Gems is a real world full of characters we can't help but love.

As usual, here's some new stuff: A new episode of QVC RBF, some new Buttons, a new newsfeed (to your left) and the JOHN'S GONE POSTER (available for purchase in the store, artwork by Matthew Volz)

There goes short and sweet, now a newsfeed tall and sour.


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