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Updates - October 2014

Again, We'd like to still welcome you to the new site, bite into the freshness, spit out the seeds.

Over the past 2 weeks we've been slaving away on Talk Show. So make your way to it and watch EPISODE 2 with Gibby Haynes, Michel Zana, and musical guests The Beets.

And, as usual, there are 4 new BUTTONS.

Daddy Longlegs (or Go Get Some Rosemary) played in Lithuania and Benny and Josh were there to accompany it. Old chairs were purchased while out there as well as sharp knives. A "Q&A" ensued after the second screening: After the first everyone kind of leaked out of the theater, but not because they didn't like it, but because they had never experienced a "Q&A" before (directors don't often visit the beautiful country that has been neglected). Lithuania and Red Bucket have a long relationship. (the video to your left is a loop that was mysteriously on a channel one morning) Expect a book of photos and writings and collections soon from the trip, entitled: Soft Vodka.

A massive website, birthing life to every street in New York City is growing beyond its means behind doors, so start getting excited.

We sold our first book through our book store - "U.S Patents - 4 Family Trees" making our mothers proud.

We've also been working on new books and other shit. Check out the addition of a new book in the STORE section. A comic: Curb Your Dog.

We have a new habit of keeping flowers on our table all the time. Last week we had Lilly's and now we have Snap Dragons.

Check back in 2 weeks for Episode 3 of Talk Show, a new Short Film, new buttons and maybe some more capitalism to add to our "Store."

The Pleasure of Being Robbed DVD will come out in February - so keep your eyes open and your wallets full. You can watch it late nights and odd times on the Sundance Channel (if you've got cable: the next screening is at Friday at 3:15AM).

We all Continue to do the best we can, one day at a time.

In other news, the Yankees are going back to the World Series - thank god.


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